Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mohammad Redzuan bin Othman
President and Vice Chancellor

FCVAC is the alliance of three different disciplines that produce a remarkable outcome, one of which is CETUS. CETUS serves as a platform to recognize students’ efforts in producing the creative and innovative projects and products. – a culmination of what they have learnt throughout their academic journey.

Prof. Dr. Md Sidin bin Ahmad Ishak

Vice President and Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic, Research & Industrial Engagement)

This year’s graduates are uniquely placed to respond to the new normal and the mission of CETUS to drive bold and creative thinking is more important now than ever. This first-ever online exhibition has allowed Unisel’s FCVAC students to demonstrate how they persevered through a difficult year and still managed to produce innovative, resilient and focused projects.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hamdan bin Dato’ Mohd Salleh Vice President and Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Development & Community Engagement)
Congratulations to all FCVAC staffs in making this exhibition a success. Despite of new customs and norms, CETUS remains Alive, the Best and Successful. You are ‘PenCETUS Inspirasi’.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haslinda binti Sutan Ahmad Nawi

Dean, Faculty of Communication, Visual Art & Computing

CETUS 2020

External Assessors
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CETUS serves as a platform for all final year students from all the three departments in this faculty to exhibit their research, creativity and innovation. It is also one of FCVAC’s initiatives to create faculty icons as intended by UNISEL’s higher management. The main objective of this event is to showcase our students’ creative ideas in their respective fields to the public and to highlight the importance of their contribution in their industry in this millennial era. Here we go, the first CETUS Exhibition with a virtual experience! Let’s lockdown ourselves and enjoy the new version of CETUS!

Who We Are?

Three different departments, one common goal. Standing as dedicated academicians, embody the spirit of thinking and extensive academic as well as research credentials with career experience in the respective forte. Providing collaborative learning in interdisciplinary fields of communication, visual art and computing.

What We Do?

Connecting students to a broad academic network and profession and often remain involved in students’ careers after graduation. It is our responsibilities to make you a creative person with great communication skills and technology-savvy.

Our Goals?

Producing graduates who are excellent academically and industry driven with impeccable self-belief and ability to be independent to survive in this competitive world.

Our Beloved Students...

Our Panel of Experts...

Ezwan Shah Abd Majid

Phd Candidate, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Director of Postgraduate Program, Faculty of Social Sciences and Leisure Management, Taylors University.

Mohd Shaqimi Yusuf

Software Developer, CommerceDotCom, Cyberjaya

Brand & Communication Executive, Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM). (Visual Art)

Ts. Dr. Nahdatul Akma Ahmad

Lecturer, UiTM Tapah, Perak

Head of Art, The Clan (Visual Art)





Mohamad Yusairi Yusuf Yap

Computing Department

Musukwa Tabo

Computing Department

Adlina Amran & Batrisyia Aiman Kamsul

Computing Department

Muhammad Iqbal & Luqman Hakeem

Computing Department

Khairul Daimasala

Visual Art & Design Department

Aidil Aqil Shahrolnizam

Visual Art & Design Department

Abu Dzar Abdul Hafiz

Visual Art & Design Department

Nurain Nuha Mohd Zaki

Visual Art & Design Department

Tengku Shazly Huzeir Tengku Saffaruddim

Communication Department

Summary of Winners…

Event Gallery

From Communication, Visual Art and Computing Department, FCVAC – All of Our 200++ Students are Looking to Stay on Top of the Latest Trends

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